taken from "Incendium", 2013

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The Northern-German melodic death metal outfit BURIAL VAULT decided to create a special gem in these days where everyone has to deal with the situation around the Coronavirus and the Covid-19-pandemic.

"We currently have to face circumstances which have never been seen before. A new type of virus confronts medical research with new challenges and forces us to take care of each other a lot more. The most important thing is to stay home so that the spread of the virus slows down.

To make these days at home a little more enjoyable, we went through our archives and found live-footage that was shot during the recordings of our video for “Awareness” from 2013’s “Incendium”. Together with Jörg Harms who initially helped us with this project back in those days, we finalized the video for “Fatal Accident” and we like to share this with you right now!

We will check our archives for further stuff. Maybe, we’ll find something more?! You are not alone. We’re in this together!"
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