Motörhead – Dead Men Tell No Tales (Official Video)

Official music video for ‘Bomber’ by Motörhead
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Dead Men Tell No Tales appears on Motörhead’s album ‘Bomber’. Originally released on Bronze Records on 27th October 1979, produced by Jimmy Miller. The line up on this album was Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor.
This is it!

Breaking up or breaking through
Breaking something's all we ever do
Shoot straight, travel far
Stone crazy's all we ever are
But I don't care for lies
And I won't tell you twice
Because when all else fails
Dead men tell no tales, oh!

Shooting up away and back
A bit of guts is all that you lack
Far behind the stable door
I know you've met that horse before
But I don't care for skag
And this sure ain't no blag
At the end of the tracks and trails
Dead men tell no tales, come on!

You used to be my friend
But that friendship's coming to an end
My meaning must be clear
You know pity is all that you hear
'Cause if you're doing smack
You won't be coming back
I ain't the one to make your bail
Dead men tell no tales

Tell no tales
Tell no tales
Tell no tales
Tell no tales

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