No Flesh Shall be Spared - Malevolent Creation

No Flesh Shall Be Spared lyrics

Humor is found, body hits the ground.Bullet finds it's path, television contracts.Contagious, the art of violence.Relinquish society's doctrine.The blood spills, smeared on the walls of life.Humanity ignoring these calls.Murder so popular in these turbulent times.Spectator sport, anticipation of the crime.The masses hinged on the stroke of a knife.It's not if they died but how they lost their life.Killing heart is now put aglow.Now the murder's right, it shakes off the cold.The next victim up shall be privileged to go!New age of death distinctly understood.Era of violence in heavy demand.Every mind is set in a blood - frenzied mood.Past state of violence now in reprimand.Witness of the crime, an audience refined.Death dealt with glamour - making headlines.Assault was never sweeter, applauded by the crowd.Condoned decimation, serial killer stands proud.Contagious, the art of violence.No flesh, no flesh shall be spared.Slicing of the flesh, adrenaline, scared to die.Take in your last breath, bidding your time.Movies, news and tabloids, money making crime.Murder's exploitation, selfish greed inclined.When we're done laughing at this violence.Violent carnage will be laughing back.This entertainment that we seek.Is the power poised to attack.Blood is the trophy carried in your hands.Carnage is the prize, weighs heavy in demand.Who is the mightiest killer in this land?He who takes first place and acquires the most fans.Contagious, the art of violence.No flesh, no flesh shall be spared.
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